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Minimonkey is introducing the baby carrier that bears the weight on the hip, back and abdomen, instead of relying on the shoulders! This amazing innovative carrier can be used for newborns up and until 3 years old (max 15 kg) in 4 different positions. It is user friendly, ergonomic, safe and above all a carrier that makes the child extremely light to carry.

Opinion (para-)medical specialists

The Minimonkey baby carrier is developed in collaboration with several medical specialists:
– it carries the weight of your baby on your own center of gravity (around belly button), making it light to carry
– It encourages an upright posture because it supports the lower back and does not pull on the shoulders
– it may even have a positive effect on pelvic instability (discuss with your physician)
– it can also be used by people with back pain (discuss with your physician)
– it is a very ergonomic baby carrier for both carrier and child

Just try it – and feel the difference!

– Fantastic back support

– Safe, ergonomic and easy to use

– From newborn until 3 years of age (15 kg)

– No separate newborn insert necessary!

– Small pocket for mobile phone/keys

– Handy sleeve where you can place your hands

– Head support included

– Shoulder straps can be used either straight or crossed

– Machine washable

– 100% cotton

– Compact (fits in your bag)

– Bears the weight on your hip, back and abdomen instead of on your shoulders

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