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The minimonkey 4 in 1 baby sling

A must-have for everybody who just had a baby. The minimonkey baby sling can be used in multiple ways as a front carrier as a hip carrier and as a hammock in the playpen or cot. To carry your baby in the minimonkey baby sling will provide them with great comfort.

The minimonkey baby sling is nominated as a finalist for the Kind + Jugend Award 2008 in Germany and can be used for babies & toddlers up to 15 kg. Newborns can be carried in the banana position or the baby sling can be used as a hammock in the cot or in the playpen. As the baby grows older the baby sling can be used in the kangaroo sit and as a hip carrier. Australia’s nr 1 Baby sling as sited by Choice Australia!!

Testimonial Mac Pherson Private Hospital, Melbourne
My name is Leanne Le Page and I am in charge of Jessie Mac Pherson private hospital special care nursery. Of late we have had a couple of mothers that have purchased your sling and many others commenting on it. We have witnessed how beneficial it has been in settling babies due to being close to the heartbeat and a discreet way of breast feeding. The other benefit is it can be used right up to when they are toddlers.

  • Available in great colours and is 100% cotton
  • 0-2 years old (15kg)
  • One size fits all
  • 100% Cotton
  • Padded shoulder
  • Safe – a.o. patented safety construction
  • Washable at 40° (in laundrybag)
  • Great for discrete breastfeeding
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