Slings are practical because you wear it over one shoulder, are easy to put on, they can be used in a flexible way, are compact sized, grow with the child and the baby can be worn in different positions. But existing (ring)slings do know a few disadvantages: there is always the chance that a baby can slip away, you can not carry the baby in the ergonomic M position and placing a newborn baby in a sling with the needed support is difficult.

The new Minimonkey Sling Unlimited eliminates all these disadvantages. The Minimonkey Sling Unlimited is innovative and unique because:

1. You can carry the baby in the sling in the ergonomic M position! With an adjustable clip, you can give the baby the necessary support everywhere, even at the major head / neck area. Older babies who are worn on the hip in this sling are sitting slightly more against the body of the parent which makes carrying much lighter.

2. This sling is equipped with a special safety band which runs up between the legs and ensures that the baby can not slip.

3. Also unique: this sling has a relax mode: you can give your baby more space to feed or talk to, without having to remove the baby from the carrier

This sling is easy to use and comfortable wearing: both for the child and the parent!

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