Received my minimonkey (black and grey) within 5 days inc weekend! Wore my son immediately and went grocery shopping, normally hard to keep him asleep because supermarkets are loud and bright.. He slept the whole time! Also wore him for my morning walk about an hour, he slept the whole time again and it was comfy and not too hot! Let’s just say I love it! Thank you Minimonkey xx
My carrier arrived today - very prompt delivery. Used it straight away with my 7 week old while pushing my 1 year old in the shopping trolley. So easy to use and put-on , comfortable for me and bub, bub fell asleep with in minutes and was content. Love it.
I used to have another ergonomic carrier but found it very uncomfortable and baby never sat right in it. I thought I would try the mini monkey as the extra back strap sits a bit higher and my main problem with my other carrier was lower back pain. Am so glad I did. I love it. I used to carry my now 7 month old in it daily for at least 2-3 hours as he hated the pushchair and it’s always a fail safe way to make him sleep. He seems so snug and secure, the material provides a really nice seat unlike the other carrier I had where the waist band would sag at the front and baby would slip down. It’s a bit cooler too with less fabric and easy to transport. Am always recommending it to friends.
Absolutely loved my carrier! It’s now been gifted to someone else (which I totally regret because I love and miss it so much!) Extremely comfortable for myself and my newborn-5 months at the time. Without a doubt every time I put my daughter in the carrier she would instantly fall asleep! To have the chance to use this carrier again would be a dream. I’ll always recommend it, I have no negatives to say! Thank you for creating such a great carrier that was great from the get go.
I find it really easy to use my dynamic carrier. I use it to do kanga training exercise classes. And the help and derive I received for a lost / replacement strap was fantastic. Highly recommend this company.
we have just started using a mini monkey sling – it is fabulous and certainly saves your arm muscles whilst still carrying your baby around and keeping him close!
— Nicki
Thank you so very much I received the baby carrier today and am very happy my baby loves it! Thank you for your kindness and fantastic customer service skills and for being so efficient. You have made my life so much easier. Thank you again. All the best

— A very happy customer
Absolutely loved this sling and wow so did my bubs 🙂 It went everywhere with me and so did she. After testing so many… this one was by far the most durable, the safest, most comfortable for me and bubs and it didn’t look like she was suffocating… she could still see the world! LOVE it so much and will be using for next bubs too. I could do everything with her in he sling, from shopping to putting up the Christmas tree! We went everywhere together and she was always close to me and felt safe and secure, slept soundly in the mini monkey.
— Ronelle G.
I received the Mini monkey sling as a present and I absolutely love it!!! I do had to practise a few times and watch the instruction video but once I figured out what the best way for me was, it has been great!
— Karen
I tried soooooo many slings. Nothing was as good as the mini monkey in my opinion for several reasons:
– baby could see the world and breathe! rather than being hidden a mile down the sling.
– comfortable across my back.. I have a back injury and it was perfect once adjusted to suit me.
– strong fabric but breathable (no overheating)
– adjustable… not that I needed to once I had it perfect to fit me… even after a year.
– easy to put on and off, get baby in and off you go… no fuss.
– no ring pull… those things are scary… a good sturdy clasp lock.
– hands free!
– no risk of her falling out once she was in securely which took all of a few seconds.

LOVE this sling… nothing bad to say at all EXCEPT…. I wish I had got two.. one for me and one for hubby… I didn’t want it adjusted once I had it perfect for me…. if hubby adjusted it… it was annoying to have to readjust for me…. so in the end it was mine and bubs
— Lily R
I have seen other people struggle with slings, including this one… but you are either a sling person or you are not… you need to relax with it and you are your baby will relax too. It took a couple of goes to adjust, and then get used to putting it on, but once it was set, it was perfect and we never looked back.
— Customer
I brought this for a friend who is having her first child. Her sister used the minimonkey carrier for her 3 children and recommended it. My friend’s baby is not born yet, but even so she was thrilled with the carrier. She felt it was strong, comfortable – and loved the colour (red). She loves the idea of being hands free, and that bub’s will be very happy & cosy too.
— Sophie
I bought this after not liking a non-adjustable sling we had previously. My bub is now 7kg & I mainly use it for 1-2 hour trips around shops, to Doc appts etc or if bub is unsettled at home. The Minimonkey is very comfortable, great padded shoulder for me and great support for bub, people always comment that he is very cosy & content in it. With this sling you wear it on the right shoulder to make a shallower pocket for a newborn/smaller bub in banana carry or wear it on the left shoulder to get a deeper pocket for kangaroo/buddha and hip carry positions. When used correctly and bub is positioned correctly this is one of the best slings on the market in my opinion, the stitching is good, the padded ‘rails’ are great, the clasp is strong, it never comes loose at all and unlike other slings it can be put on/off over the head so you don’t have to re-adjust it every time you wear it, basically once you get it right you can keep it that way! I think using any sling takes a bit of practice to get bub in and out etc but once I figured that out I’ve loved using it ever since and wouldn’t go without it now.
— customer
I am small and not terribly strong, this sling enabled me to carry my dd around until I last used the sling when she was 21 months old. I only stopped because I got pregnant and needed her to get used to being on her own a bit more. I was going to get a baby wrap this time for the first 3 months, but have since decided to use the mini monkey again and get it right from the beginning. I do really like the idea that there are no rings/ties to fall apart. I managed to do a 10 km hike with this when dd was 9 months instead of in the front pack.
— Tonia
this is a great sling and have used it since birth (now 16 months). the baby’s face is clearly seen in the “banana” (reclined) position and it can be worn in several other positions as the child grows, i have even worn it doing housework!! the strap is secure and easily adjustable for when someone else wants to carry baby or be used as a hammock!! it also has great back support when carrying on the hip and the shoulder cushioning makes it comfortable to wear (i carried my 12kg, sick child around the shops for 2 hours with no discomfort and he was so much happier being so close to me!). It is easy to clean in the washing machine. also so cheap compared to other carriers.
+ inexpensive, comfortable, easy to clean, adjustable as baby grows and great colours and organic fabric (for those stylish Hippies out there!!
— FrankieV
was a bit hesitate to buy this but I thought I’ll try it out anyway and It’s Amazing.
Once I put baby into the sling and all the sudden he stops crying. And I have 2 hands spare as well
— Shinsuke N
it looks great (I love the colour combination of the grey with the yellow), is well made and I especially loved that the carrier was able to convert from the belly to belly position as well as the facing out position.
— karen
I will be telling everyone to buy this, the front pocket for your hands and phone is a great idea! The price is very good and I love that you could use it up to 15 kg.
— tisha
The weight distribution is good & the padding excellent. I didn’t feel any pressure after 45 min walking to the park and back and he had a good sleep in it. My Hubby also had a go of the carrier and liked it.
— Tortugita
I highly recommend this carrier, I have tried the Baby Bjorn carrier & Babamoe sling. I would definitely use this over those due to the comfort & versatility plus the fact that it can be used for older children. I think it’s priced well at just over $ 100, I would have expect to pay more
— Mardi
The Minimonkey baby carrier is developed in collaboration with several medical specialists:
– it carries the weight of your baby on your own centre of gravity (around your belly button), making it light to carry
– It encourages an upright posture because it supports the lower back and does not pull on the shoulders
– it is a very ergonomic baby carrier for both carrier and child
— Sam Wnnekendonk (fysiotherapist)

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